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How is a contact lookup counted?

When you click the "Get Contact Info" button, this constitutes a contact lookup, and the person gets added to your RocketReach contact list. The data completion rate at RocketReach is generally at least 80-85% for emails.

While this should not happen very often, if email information is not returned, it will not constitute a contact lookup. Additionally, if we do not return a Verified email, you will not be charged a contact lookup. For more information on Verified emails, please check out our article on contact icons.

  • Lookups will be deducted from your monthly or annual allocation. 
  • Once you've added someone to your contact list, they stay there forever. You may download your contacts at any time, by visiting your My Contacts page.

You can look up contact info for any person by looking them up on our search page, or using our RocketReach Chrome Extension.


Click on the 'Get Contact Info' button to add the contact to your RocketReach contact list and reveal email, phone, and social links,. 




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