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How to Sync your 3rd-Party Account to RocketReach

RocketReach supports direct integration with Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, and Salesloft. Connecting your account is simple.

How to Sync your 3rd Party Account to RocketReach

  • Go to the Integrations & Apps section of your account. (You can get to this page at any time by clicking Tools > Integrations in the header.)
  • Log in to your 3rd Party Account
  • When connected, any contacts you have in RocketReach will have an export option. You can also set the integration to auto-export contacts on lookup.



Contacts are brought into Salesforce as leads or contacts which can then be converted as needed.

Please note that our Salesforce sync feature will only work with the following editions of Salesforce.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Professional Edition (requires an upgrade to paid Salesforce feature)



*Native Integrations are available to subscribers on our Pro plan or higher.

If your 3rd-party app is not supported through Native Integrations, learn more about how to integrate your 3rd-party app using Zapier: HERE

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