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How Do Annual Plans Work?

Our annual plans are structured so that you pay an annual fee, and all your lookups are given to you up-front. That’s right, no monthly allotment! 

You receive all the lookup credits you paid for right after you checkout. Our annual plans are auto-renewing and you are billed on the same day every year.  Our annual plans are priced with a built-in discount, in exchange for signing up for a whole year. Here is some additional detailed information on our annual plans:

  • When you signup for a standard Annual plan, you are allocated all your lookups after checkout.  Every time you look someone up, one lookup is deducted from your annual allocation of lookups.
  • Unused lookups do not roll over to the next year.
  • You are charged initially when you signup for a paid plan, and then automatically every year on your renewal date.
  • You can cancel your plan anytime you want right from your account. Please note the cancellation will not take effect until your next billing cycle.
  • The minimum commitment period is one year. 
  • You can change your plan at any time. Please note that if you upgrade your plan, the upgrade will happen immediately. If you downgrade your plan, the downgrade will not take effect until your next billing cycle. 
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