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How many lookups do I have left?

Determining how many remaining lookups are available are your account is easy.   

From the Desktop App, you will see a yellow circle in the top right corner of your screen with the number of lookups you have remaining: 


For a more specific usage statistic and lookups balance and lookup usage statistics, you may visit your Usage & Billing section on your account.  

View Lookup Balance and Usage Details:

1.  Click on your email in the top right corner of your screen:


2.  Click on your 'Account' tab then select the 'Usage & Billing' section.


3.  Your remaining lookup balance will be listed under the 'Usage' Section of your Usage & Billing page.  


4.  To view the number of lookups you receive per credit cycle, simply select your plan under the 'Subscription' Section of your Usage & Billing page. 





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