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How do I create a list of Contacts from a Company Search?

Company List Generation


RocketReach does not sell lists, instead, RocketReach provides you a custom tool that allows you to create your own custom contact lists from scratch

Our Company Advanced Search & List Generation features will allow you to filter the type of contacts you are looking for and generate a contact list in just a few easy steps.

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Create your Search

With our Advanced Search feature, you may filter contacts with multiple search facets.  To do this you will visit the Search Page on the RocketReach web-app:

Available Search Filters Include:

  • Company Name
  • Company Domain
  • Location
  • Keyword
  • Industry
  • Employees (#)
  • Employee Growth 
  • Revenue (annual)

You may use our Advanced Search to locate company information based on the search facets you are interested in.  In the example below, I am interested in looking for Broadcasting & Media companies in the Philadelphia, PA

Example Search Filters Used:

Location = Philadelphia, PA, US

Industry = Broadcasting & Media


Step 2:  Save the Search 

Once you have created your desired search using the Advanced Search Filters, you will simply save your search to your account. 

>> To save your search, click ‘Save this Search’ located to the right of the search result numbers << 


>> All saved searches will be found in your ‘Saved Search’ folder on your Advanced Search Page. <<



Step 3:  Select 'Generate List'

To generate a list of contact information from your saved search list on your search page, simply click the ‘carrot icon' to the left of the saved search and select ‘Generate List’


When you select to generate a list from a saved search you will be taken directly to your list generation page on your account.  Here, you will review the saved search and the filters applied before beginning the list generation process.  

>> Once you have confirmed the correct saved search is selected, you will select ‘Next Step’ <<



Step 4:  Make Company List

Once you have selected your saved search, you will set the company parameters by selecting the number of companies you want to add to your list >> select Make Company List <<



Step 5:  Set Person Criteria

To generate a person list, you will need to set the criteria for the contact you are looking for. 


You will be able to filter/select employees by:

  • Any Advanced Search filter (location, job title, department, etc)
  • Number of contacts 
  • Max contacts per company
  • Exclude Contacts already in your Contact list



Step 6:  Preview Samples & Confirm + Start Job

Once you have set your list parameters, you can now preview a sample of your list and start the lookup. 


>> Click Generate List to begin the lookup. <<


Step 7:  View Contacts / Download Results

Once the bulk lookup is complete, you will be able to view the found contacts directly on your RocketReach account or Download the Results (data) to a CSV file to upload to any CRM, or SaaS of your choice.  doanload_view.JPG


Step 8:  Generate Person List

Each Bulk Lookup will create a separate list found on your 'My Contacts' page.  From this page, you can export the contact list at any time or use our Compose feature to send emails directly from your RocketReach account. 



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