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How does the RocketReach Browser Extension work?

Access RocketReach Data from Anywhere

The RocketReach Browser Extension allows you to look up contact information while browsing LinkedIn and company websites with a single click, no additional searches needed. Consider it your shortcut to contacts!

Browser Compatibility

The RocketReach plugin is currently available for Chrome. Other browsers currently are not supported.

Video Demo

Maximize your results with Browser Extension. It's a cinch if you follow the tips in this brief video:

Step-by-Step Instructions

To get started, simply install our Chrome Extension, navigate to a contacts LinkedIn profile page (or a general search page), and click the RocketReach icon at the right-hand side of your browser window. 

Click the '+Add' button to view the available contact information.

This also works on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter. The extension will give you the option to select individual contacts from the results or '+Add All' contacts at the same time.

One Lookup Credit will be used for every contact that you click the '+Add' button, including every contact on your '+Add All Contacts' list as well. Learn more:  How are lookup credits counted?

Keep your contacts organized by selecting a Contact List from the 'My Contacts' tab. The 'Active List' indicates which list new contacts will be added to:

(The RocketReach browser extension only uses the information from the LinkedIn page that you are currently visiting to identify a contact and perform a broader web-wide search for information. The extension does not use or store any other information from your computer, ever.)

💡 RocketReach's contact data has multiple sources and is not limited to only LinkedIn data. That is also why photos in results may not always match those on LinkedIn profiles.

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