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Last updated:  September 20, 2023


🆕 Letter Grades for Email Verification

When you lookup a person, RocketReach checks in real-time for any updates so you always receive the most recent information possible. Any found email addresses are also checked in multiple ways to determine validity and deliverability.

With the new letter grade scoring system, at a glance you'll be able to easily understand the results of our testing and scoring.

grade_A.png Best:  Multiple tests confirm this is a working inbox.
grade_A-.png Likely:  Tests and modeling indicate it’s likely your email will be delivered.
grade_B.png Possible:  Worth trying, especially if better options are not available.

 Lookup credits are used only when you receive at least one verified contact (A or A- or green phone icon). No lookup credit is used if you only receive yellow (B) contacts.

Expert Guidance:

  • Use A and A- when available. Most users will experience better than 90% successful delivery.
  • B grade typically occurs because a security setting on the recipient side prevents us from performing a full verification.
    • These emails often are fully functional, real inboxes! But since we can't fully verify, we don't want to charge you for this contact.
    • If you're sending 1-to-1 emails or small campaigns, the B grade email address are well suited for this kind of usage.
  • Any email address that we have concluded is no longer valid will not be shown.

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