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How do I find contacts with the Advanced Search filters?

RocketReach provides a custom tool that allows you to look up contact details to create your own custom lists for people you're interested in.

With our Advanced Search feature, you may filter your searches by Location, Industry, Job Title, Company, etc.

Step 1 

To do this you will visit the Search Page on the RocketReach web-app:


Step 2

Once you are on the search page, you can use the Advanced Search Filters on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow your search results. 


Step 3

Simply click on the filter of your choice to help filter the contacts you are interested in.  

For the example below, I am performing a search for contacts located in Dallas, Texas, USA, that work in the HR department in the Banking Industry.  

To filter this search, I enter the following

  • Location:  Dallas, TX, US
  • Job Title: Department >> HR
  • Employer:  Industry >> Banking

Best Practice:  When using the filters, you will see a drop-down menu when you begin typing.  For the best results, use the pre-filtered options that best fit what you are searching for. 



Filter Exact Matches or Exclude Matches

RocketReach will allow you to further refine your searches using the exact match and/or exclude match modifiers from each filter.  

After entering and selecting your advanced search filter, a setting option will pop up to the right of the filter when hovered.  Click to select an exact match for your search or exclude this filter from your search. 

(") Exact Match Setting will filter the search to ONLY include contacts that match this filter. 

🚫 Not (Exclude) Match Setting will EXCLUDE all contacts from your search that match this filter



To generate a list from your advanced search results, learn how to use our List Generation feature HERE. 


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