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How do I find contacts with the Advanced Search filters?

Finding Contacts in RocketReach

RocketReach provides a robust search interface that enables you to set criteria and create custom lists of relevant contacts. Apply filters such as Location, Industry, Job Title, Company, etc. to zoom in on your target audience.

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🎥 Using Filters to Search for Contacts

Watch the video below for a walkthrough and demo of the search feature. 


Step 1: Navigate to the Search Page

To do this you will visit the Search Page on the RocketReach web-app:


Step 2: Locate the Advanced Search Filters

Once you are on the search page, you can use the Search Filters on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow your search results. *NOTE:  By default, searches begin as People searches. You can also search by Companies. (Learn More)


Step 3: Apply Desired Advanced Search Filters

Simply click on the filter of your choice to focus on the contacts you are interested in.

For the example below, I am looking for contacts located in Dallas, Texas, USA, that work in the HR department of banking-related companies.

🔎 To filter this search, I enter the following:

  • Location:  Dallas, TX, US
  • Job Title:  Department >> HR
  • Employer:  Industry >> Banking


💡 Best Practice:  When using the filters, you will see a drop-down menu when you begin typing.  For the best results, select from menu the pre-filtered option(s) that best fit what you are searching for:


⚖️ How to Combine Multiple Criteria

The more specific your search is, the more relevant the contacts will be and produce better results. Understand how using multiple filters will interact with each other so you find the best contacts. 

Within the Same Filter

→ Multiple options added in the same filter (or sub-filter) will use "OR" logic. For example, if you list out multiple Job Titles, the search will show a profile that matches any one of the titles listed.

Across Different Filters

→ Using multiple different filters will use "AND" logic. For example, if you use Location and Industry, you will find profiles that match both the selected location and selected industry.

Special Considerations

→ With RocketReach you can also search for by LinkedIn URL, X (Twitter) username, email address, or phone number (reverse lookup). These types of criteria match to only one person in our data; therefore, using one of these filters will override and remove any other filters.


🔬 Increase Accuracy with Exact or Exclude

Further refine your searches using the "Exact" and/or "Exclude" modifiers.

After selecting a search filter and adding your criteria, a setting option will appear on the right edge of the filter when hovering. Click to select and apply a modifier:

(") Exact Match Setting will filter the results to ONLY include contacts that EXACTLY match this criterion. 

🚫 Not Match Setting will EXCLUDE any contacts from your results that match this criterion.



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