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How to Search People with the "Contact Method" Filter

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This Filter:  Contact Method

Also Known As:  Desired contact type, Available contact type

What it Does:  Applying the Contact Method filter will show only those people that have the selected type of contact method. This is a great way to prioritize people based on your preferred workflow for connecting with new contacts.

How to Use It:  

When searching for people, locate the "Contact Method" category in the left-hand column. Select it to expand and see the filter options.

RocketReach categorizes contact data in four groups:

  • Mobile - Phone numbers designated for mobile service (i.e. not landlines).
  • Phone - Any phone number other than mobile; could be an office desk, a corporate main line, a personal landline, or any other type. Also includes any phone number that we were unable to classify.
  • Work Email - Email addresses associated with an employer.
  • Personal Email - Email addresses with a public domain, which we infer to be for personal use.
☝️ Reminder: To see phone numbers you must have a subscription that 
includes access to phone data. See plans here »

The Contact Method filter supports multi-select with both "AND" logic and "OR" logic. For example, if you select both Mobile and Work Email in the filter options and choose "AND", then the search results will include only those contacts who have both a Work Email AND a Mobile type phone number. Alternatively, if you select Mobile and Work Email and choose "OR", then the search results will include any contact who has either a Work Email OR a Mobile type phone number.

  • Use "OR" if you're open to contacts who have either/any of the selected methods
  • Use "AND" when you need contacts to have all of the selected methods
  • If you're only selecting 1 contact method, then "AND" and "OR" have no impact

Where to Find It:


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FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips

❓ "How does using the Contact Method affect the Email Grade?"

The Email Grade is calculated separately from the Contact Method filter. Email Grade is a result of several tests and reflects the likelihood of a successful delivery to the given email address. The Contact Method filter works to isolate contacts that are likely to have the desired type of contact (i.e. a verified personal email address, or a verified mobile phone number).

Guidance from Mission Control

  • For maximum control of credit usage, we recommend you also use the Email Type account setting. This setting allows you to designate if you want Only Professional email addresses (Learn More), or if you want Only Personal email addresses (Learn More).
  • To use the Contact Method filter effectively, consider how you intend to connect with the people you find. Do you like to call first? Do you want to send a text message? Is it important that you only contact email addresses? How flexible is your process? Use these factors to focus on the optimal contacts first.
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