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How accurate is RocketReach's data?

The key differentiating factor that makes RocketReach legitimate is the completeness and accuracy of our data. The founding team has 13 patents in high scale data mining, and cumulatively, decades of experience in petabyte-scale data systems. Our science is better and the results speak for themselves.

With over 9.6 million users worldwide, RocketReach is a global prospecting solution, not limited by geography.  All of our plans have an average 85% or higher fill rate for emails and a 60% fill rate for direct phone numbers. 

How does RocketReach work? We use our expertise in data mining to present you with the most accurate information possible. Check out these metrics:

  • You can search for information for about 450 million professionals.
  • We have coverage for 15 million companies worldwide. 
  • Used by 95% of the Fortune 500 companies
  • For 92% of these professionals, we can find at least one email address.
  • On average we find 2.8 valid email addresses & 1.8 mobile numbers per professional.
  • We find 2.7 social profiles per search.

In addition, RocketReach stands behind their accuracy rate so much so that you will never be charged for unverified data in our system.

RocketReach only ever charges our users a lookup credit when we are able to provide a verified email for a searched contact. (Verified contact data is indicated by a green checkmark icon next to the email.) If the email displayed has a yellow or red icon next to it, or no email at all is provided, a lookup credit is not deducted.

Learn more about how to read RocketReach data HERE

RocketReach is trusted and used by 95% of the Fortune 500. Join our growing community of users. Sign up today!

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