Do you support team accounts?

Yes! There are 2 ways for Teams to use RocketReach.

1. RocketReach now has the ability to link multiple accounts for centralized billing purposes under one Team ID (linking does not allow for lookup credits or results to be shared between accounts at this time). Minimum of 3 paid accounts required for linking. 

  • Choose an email address that will act as the Admin account and handle billing for all other accounts on the team (this can be a free account).
  • Have each Team Member create a Free RocketReach account that will later be upgraded to a paid subscription and linked centrally.
  • Contact with:
    • Your admin account email address
    • A list of Team Account Email Addresses
    • Which subscription plan* you would like to upgrade each account to.
      • *Plans may vary between accounts. Centralized billing is available for Bronze accounts or higher. Please indicate if the Admin Account will be a paid account for a free account also.
  • A RocketReach representative will Create a Team ID for you, link all accounts to the Admin account, and send 1 PO to the Admin for the 1st month total.
  • Once processed each account will renew automatically every month just like our individual accounts to prevent any service interruption!


2. RocketReach accounts can be shared by up to 5 people simultaneously.

  • All of the team members use the same email address and password to access the account.
  • Contact lookups in the account are shared on a first use basis.
  • The account can be accessed from multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Team members can create their own Contact List in the account to save their contacts to. (Learn how)  
  • Note: Accounts using Google or Facebook to log in cannot be shared unless Google or Facebook credentials are also shared with team members.





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