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Do you offer team accounts?

Can I Use RocketReach with My Team?

Yes! You can link multiple subscriptions (also called "seats") for centralized billing and account management. All tools for team management are access by going to Account >Team Plan.

📌 Important Notes & FAQ

  • Each RocketReach subscription provides a single login for a single user.
    Logins cannot be shared with multiple people.
  • Each user on the team is allocated their own balance of credits.
    Credits are not pooled or communally shared.
  • Teams are available for two (2) to five (5) users (seats) for online purchase.
    Larger teams please email or submit a request.
  • Team subscriptions are always billed annually.
    Monthly payment is not available for teams.
  • Each team seat is linked to one (1) paid subscription and bills as part of the team total each term.
    For example, for three (3) Pro seats on a Team Plan at a rate of $996* each, the bill is 3 x $996 = $2,988 total annually for all three users.

✅ How to Start

If you're ready to start using RocketReach with your team, please begin by reviewing the current plans and pricing in your area:

Next, the Team Account Creation Guide can walk you through the setup steps, including how to invite team members to use RocketReach.

❓ Additional Questions

If you are unsure if a Team Plan is a good fit or have other questions before starting a Team Plan, please email us:

For the quickest reply, please include the number of Team Members that you have, and approximately how many contacts you will need per month or per year.


*Example only; pricing may vary by region.


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