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How do I generate a list of contacts?

People List Generation 

RocketReach does not sell lists, instead, RocketReach provides you with a custom tool that allows you to create your own custom contact lists from scratch

Our Filtered Search & Bulk Add features will allow you to filter the type of contacts you are looking for and generate a contact list in just a few easy steps, with two ways to do it.

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Bulk Add from a Current Search

To generate a list of contacts, start by applying your desired parameters on the people search page.

Step 1:  Create Advanced Search

Using our Advanced Search Filters, you can zero in on the most relevant contacts by setting criteria, or characteristics, for the people you'd like to connect with.  To do this you will visit the Search Page on the RocketReach web app:  

Pro Tip:  Try to use at least 3 filters to make your search targeted and highly relevant!

Search filters (highlighted).png

The example below is one way to look for people in Dallas, Texas who work in upper-level management in Human Resources of finance companies.

Example Search Filters Used:

Location = Dallas, TX, US
Occupation > Department = HR
Occupation > Management Level =  VP or Director
Industry = Finance

👉 See the search filters in action


Step 2:  Select 'Bulk Add'

If your completed filtered search returns at least 50 likely matches, an option 'Bulk Add' will appear at the top left of the results pane. Select this option to create a list of contacts from the search results:

Bulk Add - Step 2.png

Step 3:  Set Desired Parameters

Selecting "Bulk Add" opens options for you to control how the list will be prepared. In the small window, fill out the fields according to your preferences (details below):

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.13.51 PM.png

  1. Set how many contacts you would like to receive at this time from the results of your search criteria.   (The minimum list amount is 50 contacts. Selecting "Add Max" will fill the number of lookup credits you have remaining at the time of the search, or up to 10,000.)

  2. Provide a unique List Name for this set of contacts. The contacts will be grouped together by this name as a list for easy downloading later, so include useful info about what this list represents (such as a project description, the client name, the date).

  3. (Optional) If appropriate, set a cap for how many contacts can be provided for each company. This is especially useful for improving your efficiency per company when time or budget matters for your project.  🔲 You must leave this option off/inactive if you wish to receive the entire list of matching profiles.

  4. (Optional) Choose to include or exclude unverified contact data. Selecting this option will NOT increase how many credits are used.  (You will never be charged for contacts without verified data.) ☑️ You must check this box if you wish to receive the entire list of matching profiles, including contacts where we are unable to find A/A- verified contact info.

  5. (Optional) Choose to include or exclude previously looked-up contacts in the list. Selecting this option will NOT increase how many credits are used. (You will never be double-charged for the same contact).  ☑️ You must check this box if you wish to receive the entire list of matching profiles, including contacts that you may have accessed previously.


Step 4:  Select '+Add Contacts'

Now that you have set your list parameters, you can create your contact list from your search!   
Click +Add Contacts to begin the lookup.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.15.17 PM.png

Step 5:  View Contacts / Download Results

Please allow a few minutes for your contacts to be searched and validated. You can close the window or select "Go to My List" to see all the contacts as they are found.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.17.27 PM.png

Your New List will automatically generate on your My Lists page under the list name you used in step 3.  

Helpful Hint:  From here, you can Export Contacts to a CSV file  


How to Generate a List from a Saved Search

Step 1:  Create a Search

Please refer to the information above. (Jump to Section)

Step 2:  Save this Search 

Once you have created your desired search using the filters, you can save it to easily reference anytime.

To save your search, click ‘Save this Search’ located to the right of the search result numbers.  This will prompt you to create a unique name for your Saved Search:

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.20.54 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.23.53 PM.png

Step 3:  Access Saved Searches

From the search page, you can revisit any saved search by clicking the ‘Saved Searches’ header on the top left, then selecting the desired saved search:

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 3.28.08 PM.png


Selecting a saved search will populate the filters with all the settings that were previously used; the search results will automatically update to reflect profiles that currently match the search filters. To create a list of contacts, repeat steps 2-5 in the "Bulk Add" instructions above. (Jump to Section)


Choose Specific Contacts and Download as a List

Step 1:  Create a Contact List

From the search page, look in the top right corner for the list selector area. To create a new list, click the '+' button:


Then type the name for the new list and click the '✓' button to save the new list:


Step 2:  Add Contacts to the Contact List

Make sure the appropriate list is selected, then use the 'Get Contact Info' button to lookup desired contacts:


The new contact will automatically add to the selected list: 


You can also move contacts to a different list or copy contacts to multiple lists from the My Lists area by selecting the checkbox to the left of the appropriate contact:


Step 3:  Download the Contact List

Once you are satisfied with your list, you can download all the details of the contact list to a CSV spreadsheet file. *Note for users with export-based plans:  Downloading a verified contact for the first time will consume export credits. Learn More »

Use the left-hand menu to navigate to 'My Lists' then find and select the desired list. To download the CSV, click the 'Download List' button in the top right corner:




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