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How do I export my contacts?

Exporting Contact Data

RocketReach allows you to export contact information in multiple ways. Exporting enables you to leverage your RocketReach contact data and connect with your prospects as quickly as possible.

All users may download their RocketReach contacts in spreadsheet format as a CSV file for maximum flexibility. Once exported as a CSV file, you may upload the data into any third party system, including your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Recruiting Software (ATS), an emailing tool, or Google Sheets.

⚠️ Export-Based Accounts (including subscribers to Unlimited Lookup plans) will consume Export Credits for all export activities detailed in this article.

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1.  Export a Contact List to a .CSV file

RocketReach allows you to construct your own Contact Lists directly within the platform to help organize your prospecting process.

To export a Contact List to a .CSV file, follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. Sign in to your RocketReach account.
  2. Select "My Lists" from your side bar pop-out menu.
  3. Choose the Contact List you want to export .
    (Optional:  You may also select "All Contacts" and download data for all of your RocketReach contacts.)
  4. Click the 'Download List' button at the top right of the screen.

Contacts will be exported and downloaded to your computer as a .CSV file.

download lists from list page.png


⚠️ Important Note for Export-Based Accounts:  When downloading contacts, you will use one 'Export' credit for every verified contact that you download.


2.  Generate a .CSV file from a Saved Search

RocketReach provides you a custom List Generation tool that allows you to create your own custom contact lists from scratch.

To learn how to generate a list, click HERE

Once you have successfully generated and the system processes the lookups and verifies the contact data, you will be able to download your list to a .CSV file by clicking 'Download Results'


list gen download.png


⚠️ Important Note for Export-Based Accounts:  When generating a list, all of the lookups performed will automatically be exported to a .CSV file and charged as 'Exports' for every verified contact.


3.  Update a Contact List with Current Contact Data

Do you have a list of LinkedIn Profile URLs, email addresses, or names and company data and you want to find up-to-date contact information? The RocketReach Bulk Lookups feature makes enriching your data easy.

To perform bulk lookups simply visit and upload your data with a .CSV file.

Learn more about how to perform a Bulk Lookup HERE.

Once the bulk lookup is complete, you will be able to 'Download Results' (data) to a .CSV file to upload to any CRM, or SaaS of your choice.


bulk upload download contacts.png


⚠️ Important Note for Export-Based Accounts:  When using the Bulk Lookup tool, all of the lookups performed will automatically be exported to a .CSV file and charged as 'Exports' for every verified contact.


4.  Export your Contacts directly to your SalesForce, Hubspot, SalesLoft, or Outreach Account

RocketReach supports direct integration with your HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and SalesLoft that will allow you to push your RocketReach contact information to your third-party account.

Once you have successfully integrated your third-party account with your RocketReach account, all lookups will automatically be added to and/or updated in your select third-party account.


⚠️ Important Note for Export-Based Accounts:  Your account will automatically be set to export contacts to any third-party app you have integrated with RocketReach.  With automatic export settings in place, you will be charged an Export with every lookup performed.


export to .pngbulk upload download contacts.png


5.  Export your Contacts to other SaaS platforms using Zapier

RocketReach supports 3rd party app integrations through the third-party app, Zapier.

RocketReach can push new contacts to other apps as well as allow other apps to search and look up new contacts directly in RocketReach.

Learn more about how to integrate your RocketReach account with a third-party app using Zapier HERE


⚠️ Important Note for Export-Based Accounts:  When moving contact information into 3rd party apps using Zapier, all of the lookups performed on your account will automatically be exported into the designated app and your account will be charged an 'Export' for each lookup made.

If you would like more control over the contacts that are exported from your account, we recommend creating custom Contact Lists to export to a .CSV that you can then upload into the 3rd party app manually.


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