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Can I use RocketReach to find technographic data?

"Technologies" is a search filter that allows you to search for companies that use selected technologies in their organization. 

Technographic data is available to all users. Users with Free service, or Essentials plans, or legacy plans will be limited to the first 10 results. If you're needing more results, full access is available for our Pro plans and higher found on our pricing page.

How do I access Technologies search?

Technologies is available when searching Companies as a filter in the "General" section:

To find companies using a particular technology, simply select this filter then type the first letters of its name. For the best results, wait a few seconds for the list of available technologies to populate, and select one or more from the list.

💡 Please note:  If you select multiple technologies, this will be treated as "OR" logic; the search results will include companies that are using any of the selected technologies.

How will the search results be displayed?

Companies will be sorted by relevance; those with an exact match will be displayed first, then companies which have a partial match.

The list of technologies (with a cap of 100) will be displayed on the company card which can be accessed by clicking the down arrow on the search result. Matching technologies from the search query will be displayed at the top of the list.

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