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SSO is exclusively available for Enterprise clients and select directly-purchased plans. If you are interested in access to SSO, please connect with our sales team here.

Is SSO available in every RocketReach product plan?

Single-sign on is available only with select directly-purchased plans. To speak with a sales representative, connect with us here.

Who can manage the SSO settings for my organization?

Your team or company will manage your SSO settings. The user(s) who will be responsible for SSO should be assigned as Team Owner or Team Admin in the RocketReach User Settings.

If I already have an account on RocketReach, will I have the same account after SSO is enabled?

Provided that your existing account email and the email registered with your IDP are the same, yes you will have the same account on RocketReach.

After I assign people to use RocketReach with my IDP, do I need to invite them to my RocketReach team?

It is not necessary to invite them to your team if you previously assigned them to the RocketReach app in Okta. Users can simply visit’s login page and select “Log In with SSO” to gain access to the system.

Once I have activated SSO with my IDP will my team members be able to log in using email and password?

At this time, users with RocketReach accounts that were created prior to enabling SSO will be able to sign in using their email and password or via SSO, provided that they have been assigned the app in the IDP. If their accounts were created using your IDP SSO, they will be able to log in with SSO only as they will not have a RocketReach password.

Once I unassign a user from the RocketReach application in my IDP, will this user still have access to my Enterprise account?

The user will not be able to access the RocketReach account and will encounter an error when trying to sign in. However, the user will still consume one of your available licenses on your RocketReach team until you remove them manually from your account on RocketReach.

What if I want a custom SSO integration?

If you use another identity provider that we don’t directly support, we may still be able to integrate with your SAML 2.0-compatible solution. Please contact support or your account manager for more information.


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