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I Was Given Old Emails that Did Not Work

What to do with Incorrect Contact Info

We apologize if some of the data we provided was inaccurate or out of date. We're always pushing to improve data quality, and we hope you understand that perfect 100% accuracy is not possible due to the swift-moving nature and tremendous scale of the database.

✅ Overall, most users see an 85% or higher accuracy rate with RocketReach's contact data and better accuracy than comparable data services.

💡 Additionally, please note that not every undelivered email indicates an invalid email address. You may be able to improve deliverability or troubleshoot issues using the tips in this guide:  Understanding Bounced Emails

On the rare occasion if you encounter an email address or phone number that is not correct, you can easily provide feedback that will help us improve data going forward.

Upvote/Downvote Emails or Phone Numbers

A pair of thumbs up and thumbs down buttons appears to the right of any email address or phone number when you hover the cursor over it. You can contribute to improving contact data by using these buttons to tell us if a specific email address or phone number is valid or invalid.

  • To confirm valid information, select the thumbs up icon.
  • To report invalid information, select the thumbs down icon.

After selecting an icon, you can optionally select a reason why you made that selection.

Suggest an Update

You can help us improve the results on our site by clicking on the ‘Improve Results’ button beneath the provided contact data for each individual profile on the Contact Page. This will allow you to provide information that you may know about the contact that we have not included. 



How to Update Results for a Contact

1.  Confirm/Update Employer


2. Confirm/Update Employer Domain


3.  Enter Valid Email


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