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Create a Team Plan (Initial Setup) | Team Admin

How to Start a Team Plan

Team Plans allow you to link multiple users for centralized billing and account management.

1. View the Team Plans & Pricing

Visit our website ( to see the current team plans and pricing for your area. Select the appropriate plan to proceed to configuration and checkout.

💡 TIP:  The person who creates the Team will be Team Owner by default. This can be changed later, if necessary.


2. Add Seats to the Team Plan

On the checkout page, adjust how many seats to purchase for your team using the +/- buttons:

  • You can choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 users.

  • For more than 5 users, please inquire with our sales team here.

  • Team plans are for multiple users. If you only need 1 user, please purchase an individual plan.


3. Complete Purchase to Start Team

Once you have set the desired number of users, select the button "Secure Checkout" and enter your payment information to complete the purchase.


4. Invite Users to the Team

After you complete the purchase, you'll be able to invite the other users for your team plan. Simply enter the email address where the team invite should be sent (it must be a real, valid email address).

💡 You are not required to assign all team seats; however, completing a purchase does begin the subscription for all seats.


Important Information

Team plans are sold as annual subscriptions.

  • Monthly billing is not available for team plans.
  • Team plans will automatically renew every 365 days and charge the credit card on file, unless canceled in advance of the renewal date.
  • All cancelations are effective as of the next billing date / end of the current paid period and refunds are not offered.
  • Removing a user or canceling a seat will not provide a refund; you can reassign the available seat to another user.

💡Please see the Team Plans Administration Guide for full Team Management feature information.


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