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When are Export Credits used?

Activities that Use Export Credits

"Export" activities result in contact information being taken outside of RocketReach, hence the name. Export actions which will use export credits include:

  • From My Lists, downloading to CSV spreadsheet using the button "Download List"
  • Using any Integration and selecting the button "Export to" after looking up a contact
  • Using any Integration and enabling automatic export of contacts
  • Using Bulk Add and proceeding to "Add Contacts"
  • Using Upload List and proceeding with the "Next" button
  • Using API to lookup contact information (automatically exports)

One (1) Export Credit will be used for every contact with verified contact information that is exported.

👉 Important Note:  Export Credits apply to customers with Unlimited Lookups. If your plan includes a specific amount of Lookup Credits, then Export Credits do not apply.
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