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Community Program: Participation

Options for the RocketReach Community

❓Do I have to participate?

No, participation is optional and not required. Your ability to use RocketReach and access features is not related to your participation status. You can join and/or leave the Community Program freely at any time.

❓How do I join the community?

Joining the Community Program takes a few seconds. When you first create a user login for RocketReach, simply select the option to “Continue with Google”:


On the next screen, Google will confirm what you are permitting RocketReach to access certain information in your Google Account. Select the button “Allow” to create your RocketReach user account and to simultaneously join the Community Program. 

❓How do I leave the Community Program?

You can choose to leave the Community Program at any time. The easiest way to leave is to go to the “Third Party Apps” area of your Google Account and delete access for RocketReach. Additional information from Google is available in this help article: Read on Google Accounts

Once you remove RocketReach's access rights, we will no longer be able to access to your Google Account or any information contained therein. Also, you will not be able to use Google Account to sign in to RocketReach, so please reset your RocketReach password.

❓Does RocketReach read my email messages?

No, o ensure confidentiality of your communications, email body content is blocked and discarded by an automated process and never accessed or stored by RocketReach. The Community Program only collects basic business contact information found in the organization directory, contact book, email headers, and email signatures.

❓Does RocketReach modify my contacts?

No. The Community Program will receive data from your Google Account, but we will never make any changes to your existing contacts nor add contacts in your Google Account.

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