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Community Program: What is Shared

What Data Does RocketReach Receive

The Community Program contributes to improving the accuracy and freshness of data for all RocketReach users. To participate in the Community Program, you will connect your Google Account and allow RocketReach to access specific parts of your Google Account.

We will access only relevant and necessary data. A typical business card contains much of the same information:  names, company affiliations, job titles, business phone numbers, and email addresses.


Is It Safe?

Yes, RocketReach is a verified app and has developed this program in compliance with Google's policies for data security. You can stop sharing your Google Account data at any time.

RocketReach takes the utmost care and responsibility for data security, compliance, and privacy.

  • We do not read email body content.
  • We do not leverage user data for any purpose other than to provide services to the user and to improve our services for the benefit of all users.
  • We do not associate any collected contact data with any specific customer.

For further details, please refer to the Community Program Terms and our Privacy Policy.

What about GDPR and CCPA?

RocketReach handles business contact information in compliance with relevant privacy laws. Our dedicated privacy team ensures responsible data collection practices, and ethical response to all data subject requests. Learn More »

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