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How often does RocketReach update data?

How We Ensure Fresh Data

The internet contains more than 10 billion pages. Sifting through so much data would be impractical—without the right tools. RocketReach helps you find relevant, useful contacts quickly.

95% of the S&P 500 trust RocketReach for data prospecting, and we deliver the most reliable data freshness in the industry.

Global Reach 🌏

Utilizing web crawlers unlocks the unlimited potential of the internet, and we ingest raw information from all over the world. RocketReach facilitates business connections, so our web crawlers focus on company websites and professional networks. With coverage for more than 35 million companies across more than 160 countries, you can use RocketReach to find contacts in any geographic market.

💡 New data arrives daily, with web crawling a constant and continuous process so that we discover new and changed information as quickly as possible.

Smart Data 🧠

Raw information found by our web crawlers receives proprietary processing to consolidate profiles, improve searchability, remove fakes, and rank for relevance. Predictive algorithms further enhance found data, meaning RocketReach often has contacts that you won't find anywhere else. Our Data Engineers make frequent improvements to ensure you see contacts that are useful and the most likely to produce results.

💡 Achieve more success when you leverage our patented technology and industry-best depth of data.

Multi-Step Verification ✅

In addition to building company profiles and people profiles with contact data, we apply multiple steps of data validation. Other data providers simply present information, implying that it's correct without any attempt to verify.

Any email address or phone number you receive from RocketReach has been tested multiple ways to confirm it is active and determine the likelihood of successful deliverability. Additionally, our algorithms incorporate factors like job title changes, employer changes, company updates, and more to intelligently score the reliability of an email address or phone number. Verification status results are clearly communicated with color-coded letter grades so at a glance you know what to expect.

💡 With verified contacts from RocketReach, you waste less time & money on incorrect or outdated contacts.

Continuous Updates 🔁

The top 600 million most popular profiles on RocketReach will verify in real-time when you look up their contact info. Using the RocketReach browser extension on LinkedIn will also prompt a real-time verification. All other contacts are checked on a rotating schedule as frequently as once per month.

💡 Any new information that is discovered and verified is always accessible immediately, and will also be pushed to update in your Contacts Lists.

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