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How to Search Companies with the "Industry" Filter

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This Filter:  Industry

Also Known As:  Sector, Business Classification, Company Type, Category

What it Does:  Applying the Industry filter will show only those companies that are active in the selected industry. This is a great way to identify companies that are operating in your target area.

How to Use It:  

Select the Industry section header to expand the available filters:  Industry (by name), Industry Keywords, SIC Code, and NAICS Code.

The Industry (name) filter is the simplest to use. Click on the blank field and start typing the name of the industry or business area that you're interested in (such as Software, Food & Beverages, or Digital Media). As you type, the system will being to suggest popular options that are available in our data; click one to select it and add it to the filter. If at first you don't see the particular one you want, continue typing out the name (or check the spelling) and additional options should appear.

The list of industries follows US reporting/classification standards and is not all inclusive. Specific business segments may not be available (such as shoes, or alcohol, or dentistry). In this case, try instead the Industry Keyword field. Industry Keyword utilizes AI in the background to identify likely industry associations; the results are likely to be looser/broader compared to the results when using Industry (name) or SIC/NAICS. However, Industry Keyword is ideal to use for niche markets or hyper-specific targeting.

Optionally, to refine the results you could use an Industry Keyword AND also select a Industry that would include your specific segment; for example, Industry Keyword = "dentistry" and Industry = "Healthcare".

If desired or relevant to your needs, continue selecting industries as needed.

The Industry filter supports multi-select with "OR" logic. For example, if you select both Education and Government in the filter options, the search results will reflect companies that are classified as either Education or Government (or both, possibly).

Where to Find It:

Video Demonstration

FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips

"It's showing a red X"

What to do:  When using the Industry field, you MUST use the provided options. The red x error happens because the term you have entered is not one of the provided options.

First, delete the text that's in the red field. Then, instead add that text in the Industry Keyword field AND also select a Industry that would include your specific segment. For example, to solve the error shown we would add "shoes" to Industry Keyword and in the Industry field select "Apparel & Fashion" since it is a broader category for shoes.

Guidance from Mission Control

  • Use the Industry filter with the Technologies filter to assemble a group of companies that you can target for a specific use case or partnership based on their current tech stack.
  • Use the Industry filter with Revenue filter to find niche markets to break into (like independent construction firms, or large volume real estate brokers, or startup beauty brands).
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