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How can I delete contacts?

Organize Your Contacts with Contact Lists

Searching for a "Delete" option? This article will get you on the right path with helpful suggestions.

Deleting Contacts

Contacts are intentionally permanent and cannot be deleted.  This is because you use a lookup credit for each contact with verified information.  Additionally, RocketReach will update that contact with new information when available.  If you deleted contacts, you would be missing out!

Instead, use Contact Lists to manage your contacts.  Use a list to group contacts however is meaningful to you, such as move them to a "Already Contacted" list once you've done outreach.

Video Demonstration

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.  Access your RocketReach account. If you're not logged in, go to

2.  In the top navigation, select My Lists then People:  

3.  Your Contact Lists are shown in the left-hand column. If necessary, select the button Create new list and enter a name for your new list:

4.  Select a list or go to "All Contacts" to view the contacts within that list. When you find the contact(s) you want to manage, click the checkbox to the left of the profile icon. A menu of options will appear at the top of the page:

5.  Click the appropriate button for the action you need:

  • Move:  Removes the selected Contact(s) from the current list and adds the Contact(s) to another list of your choice.
  • Copy:  Adds the selected Contact(s) to another list of your choice. No changes are made to the current list.
  • Delete:  Removes the selected Contact(s) from the current list. The Contact(s) will still be available in All Contacts.

6.  Repeat as needed.

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