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Can I Share my RocketReach Subscription with my Team?

Only one user can access a single RocketReach subscription.  A single subscription can support two personal simultaneous devices, i.e. a user's desktop and mobile device.

If you have multiple users, you will need to upgrade your subscription to create a Team Plan.

You can link multiple seat subscriptions together for centralized billing and account management from the 'Team Plan' section of your Account:

Each Team Seat is linked to ONE Paid RocketReach Subscription and will be billed as part of the team total each month.

For example, if you add 3 Monthly Seats to your Team Plan each at the rate of $100, you will be billed 3 x $100 = $300/month

Learn more about how to create a Team Plan HERE.  

If you are trying to log in from a personal device and you have exceeded your 2 device limit, a notice will pop up when trying to log in to your account from a third device. 

To access your account from the third device, simply click 'SIGN OUT OF OTHER DEVICES' from this screen.



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