Team Account Management - Admin. Guide

Once your Team Account is created (defined as 2 or more individual accounts linked together for centralized billing and management purposes) the Admin (Team Owner) will have access to the following Team Management features:

  • View Team Member Usage (see how many credits each seat has used/has left)
  • Add A Seat To Your Team (Add a new paid seat to your Team)
  • Assign A User Seat (Assign a seat to a Team member- also used to Reassign seats)
  • Change Plan Level Of A Seat (Switch from one subscription plan level to another)
  • Remove An Assigned User (to reassign seat or delete seat)
  • Delete/Remove Seat From Team (Remove Seat to prevent future billing on seat)

All Actions assume that you have first:

  • Logged into your 'Admin Account' at 
  • Clicked on the 'Account' Tab
  • Are on the 'Team Plan' page


VIEW Team Member Usage:

  • On the Team Plan page you can view:
    • Plan Levels for Each Account
    • Assigned User Name & Email Address
    • Total Number of Lookups Used This Period/Account
    • Total Number of Lookups Used To Date/Account


ADD A Seat To Your Team:

  • Select the 'Add Seats' Button
  • Select the 'Plan' and 'Qty' for the seat(s) and click 'Add Seats'.
    • If multiple seats at different plan levels are needed, repeat this step for each separate plan level.
  • Clicking 'Add Seats' will bring you back to the Team Management Page.
  • You will see the new seat(s) added to your list for assignment.




ASSIGN A User Seat:

  • Click the 'Assign Seat' Button
  • Enter in the email address for the team member you would like to add to that seat.



  • The Team Member will receive an Email Invite with steps to 'Join the Team' or 'Create an Account' and then 'Join the Team' (if they haven't created a RocketReach account yet).
  • This account will receive prorated lookups based on when you add them during your normal billing cycle.
  • The prorated payment will process on your next renewal date.






If an assigned user has not accepted your invite to Join the Team, you can resend the invite to them.

*Please note that billing for the seat begins when the team is Started, not when the user 'Joins the Team'.

  • Click on the 3 dashes next to the Team Member you wish to resend the invite to.
    • This will open the Actions Menu for that Team member.
  • Select 'Resend invite'.
  • Follow prompts to confirm resend.


If the Team Member is not receiving the email invite or is having trouble joining the team, please email

Please include the email address of the team member who needs assistance.


CHANGE Plan Level Of An Account:

  • Click on the 3 dashes next to the Team Member account you wish to change.
    • This will open the Actions Menu for that Team member.
  • Select 'Change Plan'.
  • A New window will pop open. 
  • Select the new plan level you wish to attribute to that account and click 'Change Seat'.
  • The new plan will go into effect with your next billing cycle. 

change-plan.jpg change-plan.jpg


REMOVE Assigned User (unlink an account from the Team but keep the Seat/Credits):

When you remove an assigned use that seat can then be reassigned to a new user account who can pickup where the last user left off. Any remaining credits from the old user will get applied to the new user's account until the plan renews again the next month with a new batch of credits.

  • Click on the 3 dashes next to the Team Member account you wish to change.
    • This will open the Actions Menu for that Team member.
  • Select 'Remove assigned user'.
  • Follow prompts to confirm changes.
  • That seat can now be reassigned (see 'Assign A User Seat' section above) or removed from the team.




When a Seat is removed/deleted any remaining lookup credits that were previously associated to that seat will be forfieted as well.

  • Click on the 3 dashes next to the Seat that you wish to remove.
    • This will open the Actions Menu for that Seat.
  • Select 'Remove seat'.
  • Follow prompts to confirm changes.
  • Your next month billing will be adjusted automatically once a seat is removed.



Please contact with any questions and we are happy to help.

Learn how to Create Your Team Account here.





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