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I need to delete (or de-activate) my FREE account

How to Delete / Deactivate an Account

A RocketReach user account is needed for you to lookup contact information or see contacts that you previously accessed. If you no longer want to use RocketReach or have created a user account by accident, you may deactivate the account.

πŸ’‘NOTE:  Only FREE accounts can be deactivated.  If you currently have a paid subscription, please see our help article:  How Do I Cancel My Paid Subscription?


Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to the "Other Settings" section on your account page. (You can also get to your 'Account' page at any time by clicking on your email in the header.)

2. Under the 'Account Status' heading click the 'De-activate and close account' link. 


3. Click 'Ok' to confirm the de-activation of the account. 


4. Answer the pop-up question asking why you are closing the account.

*This is a required step to complete account de-activation, and we appreciate your feedback. 


5. Click 'OK' when complete.

Your RocketReach account is now deactivated.

Reactivate an Account

If you de-activated your account in error or need to reactivate an account, please contact us at

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