How do I Sync my RocketReach account with Salesforce?


RocketReach supports direct integration with your SalesForce CRM.   Connecting your SalesForce account is simple.  

How to Sync your SalesForce Account to RocketReach

  • Go to the 'SalesForce Sync' section of your account.  (You can get to the "Account" page at any time by clicking on your email in the header.)
  • Log in to Salesforce (if you are already logged into Salesforce RocketReach will begin to sync automatically).
  • When connected, your RocketReach account will automatically sync new contacts with Salesforce each time you use it. 
  • Contacts are brought into Salesforce as leads which can then be converted as needed.


Please note that our Salesforce sync feature will only work with the following editions of Salesforce.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Performance Edition (requires an upgrade to paid Salesforce feature)


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