Why is my personal information on your site?

RocketReach uses a combination of the following:

  • Web crawler (similar to Google)
  • Data mining algorithms such as entity recognition, email prediction etc.

to mine profile information for professionals. In, essence, if your information is on our site, it is already publicly accessible on the internet. If our crawlers can find it, so can Google, Bing etc. Email addresses listed on our site are either found via entity search or predicted. 

Entity Search

As you use the internet, you leave a trail of usage behind. This usage follows common patterns that we can use to construct an "entity graph". This identifies the sites that you have used and creates a graph of people and sites that are connected to you. This then further allows us to search or identify contact information, and social sites.

E.g. If you are Bill Gates and your twitter handle is @billyG, and your GitHub account is billyG.github.io, we can start detecting a pattern.

Email Prediction

E.g. If we know that your name is "amit", and we know that your company domain is "rocketreach.co", we can safely guess that your email is likely one of these

  • amit@rocketreach.co
  • amit.shanbhag@rocketreach.co
  • ashanbhag@rocketreach.co
  • shanbhag@rocketreach.co
  • amits@rocketreach.co etc.

This combined with SMTP validation will let us guess your professional email addresses.


We use fairly sophisticated data science that operates on, traverses and scores 100s of millions of entities. The above examples are solely to demonstrate, how it's possible to discover information about you using publicly accessible sources. 

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