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How did my profile get on RocketReach?

We know that you care about how your personal information is used, and we respect your concerns.

Our service is used by professionals to find other professionals. It is designed to open opportunities for you by connecting you with your next job, career opportunity, or customer. To this end, we've created a professionally-focused search index which you are a part of. This index is generated from publicly sourced data in a similar fashion to search engines like Google and Bing. 

Our Company and Professional profiles are generated by tying together hundreds of pieces of data using learning algorithms. By connecting the dots in this fashion, we're able to derive an accurate composite profile to allow opportunities to find you.

Your profile is your resource. You control the information on it in terms of what and how much is surfaced. At any point in time you may:

  1. Update your Professional Profile
  2. Remove your Professional Profile

To update or remove your profile from RocketReach use this "Claim Profile" link:

Note:  Our service is not a data source for email spam or robocalls. Our customers include Amazon, Google, and Apple. If your profile is on RocketReach, your contact details have been accessed an average of 0.06 times per year. 

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