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What happens when I cancel my paid subscription?

RocketReach monthly and annual plans charge you for a certain number of lookups per month or year respectively. When you cancel your plan,
  • Future charges to your credit card are immediately halted.
  • You do not lose your remaining lookups. You retain any remaining lookups till the end of your credit/billing cycle. 
  • You can resubscribe anytime by going to the pricing page

In the example below for a monthly plan, the user signs up for a plan on Jan 5th and cancels on March 5th. The user will retain her 20 lookups till March 5th. No charges will occur in April.

For our annual plans, once a subscription is canceled your annual credits will remain available until the end of your annual plan.  

Prefer to pause your subscription?  If you are subscribed to a MONTHLY PLAN, you may pause your monthly subscription for up to three (3) billing cycles.  Learn how to pause your monthly subscription HERE.  

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