What happens to my remaining lookups when I switch my plan?

Regular Billing Cycle

Lets look at a regular billing cycle. E.g. If you sign up for a plan (say 100 lookups per month) on Jan 5th, you will be charged each month on the 5th. On the 5th of each month, any un-used lookups from your previous cycle will expire, and you will get 100 lookups in your account.

Billing Cycle & Lookups when you switch your plan.

Lets say that you upgrade to a higher plan (200 lookups/month) on Feb 15th. 

  • You get charged immediately 
  • You immediately begin a new 30 day billing cycle for the new plan
  • Your new lookup credits will be available in your account immediately.


What happens to your remaining lookups from the previous billing cycle?

When you upgrade, you keep your remaining lookups . They are usable till the end of your old billing cycle. (e.g. March 5th as shown below)

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