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How many lookups do I have left?

It's easy to track how many lookup credits are available for you to use for new contacts!

While on the RocketReach search platform (, look to the lower left corner. The blue "progress bar" is a visual meter representing how many lookup credits are currently available compared to the overall total:



If you'd like to see this info as a number, just move your cursor to hover over the left edge of the screen. This will pop open the menu, including a count of your available lookups.



For a more specific usage statistic and lookups balance and lookup usage statistics, you may visit the Usage & Billing section on your account.  

View Lookup Balance and Usage Details:

1.  In the top right corner, click the circle icon with your initials and select 'Account' in the menu. It will automatically open on the "Usage & Billing" part of your Account Settings.



2.  Your available lookup balance is also listed on the Usage & Billing page, under the 'Usage' section:

It also shows the next date that you will receive more credits.


3.  To review the number of lookups you receive per credit cycle, from the Usage & Billing page, look for  the 'Subscription' section and click your plan name to expand its details:




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