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How is a contact lookup counted?

Lookup Credits - Everything to Know

➡️ A contact lookup is when you click the "Get Contact Info" button.

➡️ A lookup credit is used if you receive verified contact information.

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When you search for contacts in RocketReach or using the Browser Extension, at first you won’t see their contact information. To reveal their email addresses (and phone numbers, with +Phone plans), click the “Get Contact” button.

Clicking “Get Contact” initiates a real-time search and validation of the profile, so that you always see the most up to date information.

1 lookup credit will unlock all of the contact information available for that profile, and a lookup credit is deducted only if you receive at least 1 verified email address (or phone number, with +Phone plans).

More Details

🪙 To get new contacts and reveal contact information, you must have available lookup credits.

  • Lookup credits are issued monthly or annually depending on your plan.
  • See how many lookup credits are available in the left-hand menu. Learn More »
  • Users on paid plans can also enable Additional Lookups. Learn More »

🔍 RocketReach only ever charges a lookup credit when we are able to provide a verified email or phone number.

  • If no verified contact information is available, no lookup credit is used.
  • Typically, most users experience 80-85% fulfillment rate with email data and about 65% fulfillment rate with phone data.
  • With +Phone plans, you are not guaranteed a verified email address AND a verified phone number; it's possible you may use a credit and receive only a verified email address or only a verified phone number.
  • For details on verification status, please check out our article on contact icons.

📇 All contact lookups are added to your My Contacts list.

  • Once you've looked up a profile, you have access to it forever.
  • You may download your contacts at any time, by visiting your My Lists page.
  • You will never be charged more than one lookup credit for a single profile.

Step by Step

1.  Find People

You can get contact info for any professional by finding them on our search page, or using our RocketReach Browser Extension.

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2.  'Get Contact Info'

Click on the 'Get Contact Info' button to add the contact to your RocketReach contact list and reveal email addresses (all plans) and phone numbers (only +Phone plans).


get contact info.png

3.  Use 

Check the verification status indicators and choose the contact information that is best suited for your needs. You can use the copy button to immediately send an email or call out, or sync to your CRM, or download contacts in bulk.



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