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Can I use RocketReach to search by intent signals and find high-intent prospects?

Intent Data in RocketReach

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What is Intent Data?

"Intent" data allows you to search for people or companies that are actively researching a solution or topic area. 

Intent data is a premium feature and is currently exclusively available to corporate customers who have enabled intent data in their service agreement. Corporate customers who would like to purchase access to intent and users who are interested in learning more can connect with our sales team (


How do I use the Intent filter?

When searching either People or Companies, "Intent" can be found as an advanced search filter to drill down to companies with the desired intent signal.

Intent Filter.gif


Please note the "Intent" filter is available in the Employer section when searching for People; this reflects that the Intent signal is tied to the current employer, and not necessarily a specific individual.

How to set Intent Topics for my Account?

Before applying an Intent filter to search criteria, first a Team Admin will need to set the Intent Topics for your team. The number of Intent Topics that can be set and used is determined by your team's subscription.


How will the search results be displayed?

Results automatically sort by relevance based on all the applied filters and other factors such as popularity. The People or Companies which match the search criteria will be listed with the most relevant profiles listed first.

When the Intent filter is active, a badge will appear on the search results showing the relevant Intent Score. Hovering or tapping on the badge will open the intent score details for all of the intent topics currently set for your team.


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