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Release Notes: 2023 Summer

Driving Productivity & Confidence

Have you noticed something different about RocketReach since your last login? In July 2023 users began to see the first of many improvements to your experience. We're excited for you to see big gains in your productivity and results.

  • Access key tools with fewer clicks, with the updated main menu - Learn More
  • Pull lists effortlessly, with a new feature to add contacts in bulk  - Learn More
  • Reach out confidently, with the new email validation system - Coming Soon!
  • Data updates, alerts, upload workflow, mobile site, and more - In Progress!

Live Demos:


🆕 Update for Navigation Layout

Access tools you need with fewer clicks! Look to the left side of the page for the primary navigation options. Hovering the cursor over the left-hand navigation bar will expand the full menu.

  • Main menu moved to vertical orientation on the left edge of the window.
  • Easy access to Account, Notifications, and Support with buttons in the top right corner.
  • Available lookup credits (or export credits, for Enterprise users and export-based plans) is shown in the bottom left corner.

🆕 Fast Bulk Lookups in One Step

You can now access all the power and versatility of Bulk Lookups directly from search results.

  1. Build out a search as usual.
  2. Look for the new button "Bulk Add" at the top of the results pane:

  3. In the window, fill out the fields according to your preferences:

  4. Click the "Add Contacts" button to begin the bulk lookup automated process. Close the window or  select "Go To Your New List" to see all the contacts and optionally download CSV:
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