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How can I export company data?

Exporting Company Information

At this time, exporting company-level information is possible only through API or a native integration. Limited company information is included when you export/download contacts to CSV. It is not possible to download other company fields or download a CSV of only company data without contacts.

Export by API

If you are interested in accessing company data through API, you will need to purchase access specifically for company data. Please contact and indicate that you need company data through API.

Export by Integration

Connecting RocketReach to your CRM with an integration allows a fast and seamless sync of your RocketReach contact data. Currently, we offer integrations for Salesforce, SalesLoft, HubSpot, and Outreach. Data is sent one way from RocketReach to your CRM. If you map RocketReach contacts to Contacts & Accounts in the CRM, then related company data from RocketReach will be received in the CRM when creating a new Account.

*Exact functionality of the integration varies based on your RocketReach service level and the target CRM. Please refer to the Integration details.

Feature Request

We love to hear from users about what features and functionality would make RocketReach a more effective tool for you! If you'd like us to introduce new functionality to export company data directly to CSV, please upvote and leave a comment on the feature request.

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