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How can I export company data?

Exporting Company Information

⚠️ Requires a supported plan and purchase of Company Export credits. Current Enterprise customers should contact their Account Manager with any questions. All others: Contact Sales

When you export contacts with an integration or download contacts to CSV, limited company information is automatically included. Additional company details and company data without contacts are possible with these methods (click to jump to section): 

Export to Spreadsheet

Downloading company details in a spreadsheet format (CSV file) provides maximum versatility. To download, first create a Company List with the desired company or companies (Learn More). Then, from the Company Lists page, click the button "Download List" in the top right corner.

Company Export.gif

One (1) Company Export Credit will be used for every company profile where RocketReach provides at least two (2) of the following datapoints in the export:

  • Company Website Domain
  • Best Physical Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Primary Industry

💡 For a full list of datapoints available with Company Export, please see this article:  What Data is Available on Company Profiles?

Please note:  You will need to purchase company export credits to be able to download company lists to CSV. Please email and indicate that you need company exports, or contact sales here.


Export by API

The RocketReach API is ideal for programmatically finding and exporting company datapoints at scale. For full details on using the API, please refer to the API Documentation.

Please note:  You will need to purchase specific access to company lookups and exports to be able to use the company endpoints. Please email and indicate that you need API company exports, or contact sales here.

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