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Onboarding Videos for Enterprise Customers

Welcome to RocketReach!   These on-demand videos are your guide to getting started as a new user. 

The “Three Value Rocket Boosters” - Chrome Extension, Lookups, and Integrations - are the keys to getting the most value out of RocketReach.  Our most successful customers consistently leverage these three features.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to attend live training with Q&A, or watch a recorded version here.


1.  Chrome Extension

Wherever you find target accounts, prospects, or candidates, you can easily get their contact information using the RocketReach extension for Chrome browser.  It’s the perfect companion for LinkedIn to help you work more efficiently. To get started, please visit the Chrome Web Store and follow the guides below.

2.  Lookups

The RocketReach platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for your use case. You can search for individual contacts using the advanced search filters, or find multiple contacts at once using our bulk lookups feature.

3.  Integrations

RocketReach offers multiple direct integrations to seamlessly make RocketReach part of your prospecting, sourcing, or lead generation workflow. Learn how to set up your integration here.


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