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I Can't Find the Company I'm Looking For

Troubleshooting "No Results Found"

RocketReach is a data prospecting tool trusted by salespeople, marketers, recruiters, researchers, and other business roles to assist with making making valuable professional connections.

We use proprietary technologies to find, organize, rank, and verify information for companies and employees.

❓Can I use RocketReach to find startups and new companies?

Yes! If a company has a strong online presence (for example, a website and a profile on LinkedIn or Crunchbase), we will discover and verify this information.

Best Practices When Searching Companies 

If your search returns no results or you're not seeing the specific company you want, try these tips:
  1. One by One.  Start with the most important criteria and add filters one by one, waiting for the results to load between each addition. Check the results and add more filters only if needed. If you're searching for a specific company, start your search with its domain name.
  2. Domain Name.  The best way to find a specific company within RocketReach is to use its domain name (website address URL). For example, to find The Procter & Gamble Company you would search in the appropriate field.

    When searching Companies:

    When searching People:
  3. Data Updates.  Did the company recently change names and/or domains? If so, try searching by the old version. Our web crawlers and algorithms are continuously running to recognize changes and update our data; however, changes to company names and domains are often deliberately delayed in order to provide the best backwards compatibility.
  4. Hidden Profiles.  For data quality purposes, we may hide company profiles that do not meet our standards (lacking sufficient detail, low relevancy, small one-person LLC, etc.).

If you're looking for specific persons and not finding them, please consider removing any employer criteria (which may have changed). Instead, focus on the Name filter or lookup the person from LinkedIn with the RocketReach browser extension.

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For guidance on how to improve your search, please take a screenshot of your current search and email it to along with any details you know about the company you're looking for. We'll suggest alternative ways to apply the criteria in the search filters to help you get better results.

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