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I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For

Troubleshooting "No Results Found"

RocketReach is a data prospecting tool trusted by salespeople, marketers, recruiters, researchers, and other business roles to assist with making making valuable professional connections.

We use proprietary technologies to find, organize, rank, and verify information for companies and employees.

Can I use RocketReach to find celebrities and public figures?
We focus on working professionals. Contact data for a specific public figure may or may not be available depending on what we've found and can legally provide. If you have a legitimate business reason for connecting with a public figure, we suggest you go through their media team for best results.

Can I use RocketReach to find CEOs and executives?
We search the full org chart and show as much of an organization's hierarchy as possible, top to bottom. Contact data for a specific executive may or may not be available depending on what we've found and can legally provide. If you have a legitimate business reason for connecting with an executive, we suggest you start with their assistant or direct report for best results.

Reasons Why Some Profiles Are Not Available

If your search returns no results or you're not seeing the specific person you want, these are the top four considerations:
  1. Search Filters.  Does your search follow best practices and utilize the criteria filters appropriately? You can also try different combinations or variations.  ▶️ Click Here to watch a short video (3m) on how to get the best search results.
  2. Data Freshness.  Our web crawlers and algorithms are continuously running to reflect changes in employers, roles, and contact info as quickly as possible.  We aim to check all profiles at least once every month; however, some updates may take longer to be publicly available on the internet for us to discover & corroborate.
  3. Data Scope.  Our service focuses on working professionals.  Consequently, the searchable profiles often will not include students, retired persons, and other individuals who are not actively participating in the workforce.
  4. Removed Profiles.  RocketReach complies with all personal data protections as required by law. If a covered individual has requested removal of their data, the individual will no longer be findable in our search.
  5. Hidden Profiles.  For data quality purposes, we hide profiles that do not meet our standards (lacking sufficient detail, low relevancy, not confirmable as a real & active professional, etc.).

For guidance on how to improve your search, please take a screenshot of your current search and email it to along with any details you know about the person you're looking for. We'll suggest alternative ways to apply the criteria in the search filters to help you get better results.

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