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How do I create Contact Lists?

Organize Your RocketReach Contacts with Lists

Whenever you lookup a contact, it's automatically added to your Contacts. To make it easier to export specific contacts, or to keep track of your lookup activities, you can create Lists to make meaningful groups of contacts.

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🎥 Creating and Managing Contact Lists

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Step-by-Step Instructions: Create a New Contact List

1. Create a List

▶ Option 1: Create a list from the My List page.

Go to the 'My List' Tab then click the 'Create new list' button

▶ Option 2: Create a list from the Search page

At the top right of your Search page, click the "+" button 


2. Name your List

Give your list a name and click 'OK'.


Your list will now appear in the 'My Contacts' list section on the left of the screen. The account will remember the last list used on your computer and select that list as default the next time as well.


Selecting Contact Lists from Search

You can also manually select a list to save a contact using the List Selection Drop Down Menu on the Search page.



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