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I have run out of lookup credits (Additional Lookups)

How to Get More Lookup Credits

You need lookup credits in order to reveal contact information in RocketReach or with the browser extension. If you use all your lookup credits and still need more contacts, here's what to do.

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Options for Free Users

Free Users:  Option 1

With our free service, you will receive new credits every month. To check when you'll get more credits, to to Account Settings > Usage & Billing, and look in the top section for "Next lookup issue date":

Free Users:  Option 2

If you don't want to wait, you can upgrade to a paid plan to receive more credits immediately. Please visit the Pricing page to see current offers in your area.


Options for Paid Users

Paid Users:  Option 1

If you've exhausted the lookup credits included in your plan, you can continue to make Additional Lookups for an additional cost.

  • The cost of Additional Lookups depends on your subscribed plan and can be confirmed in the billing section of the account page.
  • The maximum amount of allowed Additional Lookups also depends on your subscribed plan.
  • Any used Additional Lookups will be billed automatically at your subscription renewal date.

đź’ˇAdditional Lookups are enabled automatically to prevent any interruption of service. 

đź’ˇYou may disable Additional Lookups by going to the Account Settings > Usage & Billing, scrolling to Payment Settings and toggling the on/off switch for additional lookups:

Paid Users:  Option 2

Alternatively, you may benefit by upgrading to a plan with a larger lookup limit. Please visit the Pricing page to review current offers in your area. 

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