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Do you have any custom plans higher than Ultimate?

RocketReach now supports 'Additional Lookups' that allow for usage flexibility past our standard plan levels.

Here's How It Works:

If you exhaust all of your allocated lookup credits before your account renews for the next month, you can use 'Additional Lookups' which charges you at the rate of $0.30-$0.45 (depending on your plan) for each additional found lookup result until your account renews again for the next month.

Your Additional Lookup total will be added to your automatic standard monthly plan renewal amount so there is never an interruption in service.

Additional Lookup usage can also be tracked in your account for quick reference. 

With Additional Lookups you don't have to commit to a specific number of lookups beyond your base plan, giving you the flexibility to use as many or as few additional lookup credits needed each month as your requirements change (up to double the plan's base amount).

'Additional Lookups' are enabled by default. If you wish to disable Additional Lookups you can do so by toggling the 'enabled'/'disabled' switch on the billing section of the account page

If you are in need of more than 1,000 contacts per month, please connect with our sales team here.


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