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I installed the Chrome Extension but I don't see the extension on my browser.

Sometimes Chrome Extensions are hidden.  This can depend on your chrome settings or on how many extensions you already have installed on your browser. To select and use the RocketReach Chrome Extension:

  • Click the Puzzle Piece icon next to your URL bar. 
  • Installed Extensions should display in the pop-up window - Click the 'Rocketreach Chrome Extension' to launch:

  • You can pin the RocketReach extension to your browser toolbar by selecting the pin icon. 📌

If you do not see the RocketReach chrome extension in the extension drop-down menu, double-check that it was installed successfully

If you have installed the Chrome Extension, you will see a notification that 'You have already installed the RocketReach Chrome Extension.'  


You may re-install the extension if you experience continued issues directly from this page.   

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