Can I Lookup Emails in Bulk?

Need to find email addresses in bulk? The RocketReach Bulk Lookups feature makes this easy. To perform bulk lookups simply visit and upload your data with a CSV file.

Upload your CSV file to Perform a Bulk Lookup

Step 1:  Create your CSV file

  • A CSV file can be created in either Google Sheets or in Excel. 
  • Download our sample CSV file to see how to format your file
  • See below for a list of Required Data needed to perform a bulk lookup. 

The CSV file must have a column header row including one or more of the following data sets:

    • first and last names and the company name the contact works for
    • first and last names and their company's domain 
    • Linkedin URL
    • email

>> Open Sample CSV File <<


2.  Go to the Bulk Lookup Tool within your RocketReach account: 

  • When logged into your account, click on the Bulk Lookup Tab at the top of your screen.


3.  Upload your CSV file or Paste your List directly from the Bulk Lookup Page. 

To initiate a Bulk Lookup, you will need to have enough lookup credits available in your account to begin.  For example, if you have 100 rows of data in your CSV file, you will need 100 lookup credits in your credit balance to begin.   To purchase a plan, visit the Pricing Page from your account

If you are subscribed to a paid plan and do not have enough credits remaining in your balance, RocketReach will also give you the option to purchase Additional Lookups prior to running the file as well.


  • Upload CSV or Paste List (LinkedIn URLs only) to begin the lookup

    Upload CSV: to upload your CSV file, simply select the CSV file saved on your computer. 


Paste List, simply paste a list of LinkedIn URLs to the pop-up box that appears.   
Note: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter Links will not work with our Bulk Lookup tool. 

4.  Verify your Data

For each data set column, select the corresponding 'type' of data from the drop-down list to help the system parse the data.  In most cases, the system will auto-populate the type based on your column headers.  Make sure you are reviewing the type selected before clicking






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